Wedding Questionnaire

Where did you hear about Frost on Flower?
What are your expectations of me on your wedding day?
What are some of your major likes and dislikes about weddings, wedding trends, events, etc.?
In a few words, describe the style and feel of your wedding.
Do you want to work from a shot list for formal portraits?
Do you have a wedding coordinator, assistant, or other "go to" person? If so, what is their name and contact information?
What style of photography are you looking for?
Do you have any "must have" shots?
These shots can not be guaranteed but I do try my hardest to capture everything you request. Of course, due to unforeseen circumstances, it is not always possible.
How many guests are you anticipating?
How big is your wedding party and what is the overall tone of the group?
Will group poses be traditional, do you have ideas, does your wedding party like to have fun and goof around, etc.
Do you want a first look?
If so, do you have a location in mind?
Do you have a preference when it comes to flash photography?
How close can I be to you during the ceremony?
This is a good question to ask your officiant and venue also.
What special things are happening during the ceremony and reception?
Candle lighting, balloon release, sparkler send off, etc.
Will a meal be served?
If I am working through a meal time I do request a chance to eat.
Do you have an editing preference?
I take full creative licensee but I can cater to strong preferences.
Are there any special family dynamics I should know about?
Are there any health issues or disabilities that need to be worked around?
Approximately how many photographs are you looking for?
Depending on the length of the wedding I can take between 300-2000 photos. Some clients only want the best 100 shots, others want as many as possible.
Other comments or questions?
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